At IPMO Talent, we are committed to delivering a fully comprehensive sourcing strategy that encompasses both traditional and innovative methods to attract the most suitable candidates in the market. We collaborate closely with each of our clients to develop a tailored sourcing solution, drawing from the following resources:

Targeted Candidate Solutions

Our focus is on precision. We employ strategies that align with your specific needs.

International Database

With one of the world’s most extensive candidate databases, we conduct thorough interviews and screenings before registering job seekers.

Network and Referrals

We’ve cultivated an extensive candidate network. Each consultant maintains a personal network of contacts, allowing us to gauge interest and solicit referrals.

Targeted Search

Our dedicated research team performs market analysis to pinpoint the most suitable talent for your organization.

International Sourcing

We stand out as one of the few recruitment companies dedicated to sourcing candidates globally, broadening your talent pool.

Online Advertising and Social Media

As prominent national and international advertisers, we secure prime positioning and visibility in print and digital media, ensuring maximum response.

We are unwavering in our commitment to recommending only the most qualified candidates for your job openings. This assurance is rooted in our rigorous verification process, guaranteeing the quality and suitability of our recommendations.

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