Our services

We connect the best talented candidates with inspiring companies. By using integrated and automated systems we are striving to satisfy our clients needs and find the right people for their job vacancies.

Candidates Recruitment/Advisory

Find a proper job and build up your career. Advices by our experts are also provided and the seamless experience is guaranteed. Let us guide you on the right career path. Reach your full potential and be part of the organization you’ve been dreaming of. Competence assessments and career advice are also provided. For the applicants that are members of AIPMO, benefit from the online community is provided.

Client Services

IPMO Talent is the right support for your business needs. Let us help you to reach highly skilled candidates with great experience and lead your company to a success. We offer a team with years of experience to lead and guide your recruiting process. Hire people that fit the best with your company’s dreams and achieve your most ambitious goals.

Competence Building

Choose the right company that enables you to work in prosperous and dynamic environment which will inspire and help you for upgrading and shaping your competences. Through the process of learning differentiate your talent as impossible to be duplicated.

Leveraging IPMO Advisory certification courses and applications, competence gap analysis can be directly addressed through AIPMO or third-party certification courses.

All IPMO Group employees also attend the AIPMO certification courses to address their competence gaps and in addition understand the programs offered.